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    Hand Assembly

    Each cart we manufacture is hand assembled to ensure quality, right here in the U.S.A.

    Industrial Hemming

    Our Canvas carts are all industrially hemmed and gusseted for maximum strength .

    Rim Welding

    Each joint is a spot welded for ultimate strength and durability.

    Rim Welding

    Take another look as we ensure the rims are securely welded.

    Punching Hand Holes

    To increase the mobility of our carts, see as we carefully punch holes to include handles.

    Threading Handles

    Each of our cart’s handles are inserted by hand.


    We ensure that each handle is locked into place to make transportation effortless.


    The carts are finished up as the trim is sealed into place, giving you a long-lasting cart for all your industrial needs.

    Spring Platforms

    Spring Platforms are put in to make our carts ergonomic.

    Screen Carts

    We guarantee the highest quality as we screen our carts.

    Foldable Mail Carts

    How we make our Foldable Mail Carts from start to finish.

    Transfer Carts

    See how easily these carts move through our warehouse.

    Foldable Mail Carts

    Each cart is made by hand at our 300,000 square foot facility.

    Vinyl Carts

    How we make our Vinyl Carts.

    Plastic Carts

    Each cart is molded with precision to fit your needs